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Relationship/Couples/Marriage Counselling Dublin

Relationship’s and families as we’ve known them seem to be falling apart at a rapid rate, inevitably this leads to feelings of hurt and anger. It often puts into question our ability to trust again and experience feelings of loneliness, rejection and loss.

Relationships with our children can be tense and this can result in feelings of guilt, anger and sadness. In order to understand our own relationship difficulties we first need to take the courageous step of developing a more intimate relationship with ourselves.

The first and most influential experience of personal relationships was when we were children. If our relationship with our parents were difficult, or we observed lack of communication, fighting and tension between our parents this may influence our relationships as adults. If we experienced rejection, hurt and losses as a child we may be unconsciously repeating these patterns as adults or avoid intimate relationships in order to protect from anticipated rejections.

It may be that you are questioning why you are always choosing the wrong person and end up hurt and seem to be unable to stop repeating this pattern. Maybe you are a person who does the rejecting, however feels lonely and desires closeness.

How counselling can help

Counselling can help you to explore and develop a more intimate relationship with yourself. It can help unravel what is stopping you from getting close and in this process you can begin to develop new ways of being with others.

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