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Do you have a problem with food?

For some of us, being the wrong size or shape leads to behaviour that ruins or even threatens our lives.
Eating disorders are illnesses that are generally believed to affect women rather than men. However, anyone can develop an eating disorder, regardless of age, sex, cultural or racial background. The good dapibus news is that if you or a friend or family member have an eating disorder you can recover and Western Counselling can help with that process.
The following are wholesale jerseys a few questions that may help you decide.
1. Do your friends and family tell you that you are too fat or too thin?
2. Are you extremely anxious about your weight?
3. Do you look at yourself in the mirror Video and see a different person to the one others see?
4. Does you Recovery self-esteem depend on what you weigh?
5. Do you vomit after молочных meals cheap MLB jerseys or use exercise to get rid of the calories?
6. If you are wholesale MLB jerseys a woman, have you stopped getting your period?
7. Do you use laxatives, diuretics or enemas to control your weight?
8. Are you afraid of losing total control of your weight and eating?
9. Are your eating habits a cause for concern to others?
10. Is the quality of your life dramatically affected by your relationship to wholesale jerseys food? and is whether or not you have had a good or bad day dependent on what you have eaten.

How many “yes” answers do you need to diagnosis <a href="https://www.authenticjerseys click here to find out more.top”>wholesale nfl jerseys a problem? It depends. If you answered “yes” to one or more, then it may be worth taking a closer look at and contacting us.

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