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Sexuality Counselling

The most secretive part of oneself, the private self, containing all the excluded and hidden desires and impulses. There is a deep wound for both men and women around our sexuality; it is hard to bring this to the surface. Fears, taboo’s hidden desires are cloaked in shame. Society mirrors this with how we should be to fit into and conform; public persona can hide a private experience around our sexuality. To begin to explore our sexuality can feel deeply exposing, a sense of nakedness and vulnerability and fears. Stripping the layers away to the most hidden parts of ourselves. At its core feelings of annihilation, destruction and death can be experienced. However, our sexuality is also our creator, to sit in the fire holds the huge potential for transformation.

Sexual energy is everywhere and in everything, depending on how open you are to this truth and the charge your sexual energy provokes in yourself or others can feel deeply disturbing and frightening. Panic may arise with a sense of exposure, confusion and feelings of being out of control. These experiences are often triggered to the surface more in adolescent visit here. The adolescents who begins to open in this way can find themselves trapped within deep fears, isolation and loss, without language to express these powerful feelings. Drinking and drugs can offer a temporary solution to numb panic.

The adolescent learns ways to cut off from the fear and arrives in adulthood with coping mechanisms, which function fairly well in society. However hidden in the recess of the unconscious is the forgotten parts which make themselves known in many different forms in our lives. Sexual dysfunction, difficulties to reach orgasm, deep inhibited shyness to engage sexually, charged sexual energy directed outwards in a compulsive desire for sex. There are many ways that our sexuality is calling us back through loss of aliveness and disconnections.

The path to reclaim our aliveness at the core of our sexuality is often a rocky one. Twists and turns, blind corners, dead ends, cliff edges are part of the journey. Yet the gifts in reclaiming the deep masculine and feminine within the journey of our sexuality is too many to express in words


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